The Surfer Bird

The Surfer Bird has become extinct and is now known as a shore bird…


Perhaps you have seen a Surfer Bird dude hanging out near your favorite beach with the shore birds!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Hang-Ten Friends! ūüôā

Art – As A Distraction

I started one of my doodles recently… Knowing I would need a distraction:



I’m trying to prepare for foot surgerythe fusing of big toe on my left foot due to arthritis.

I try to keep my blog positive and not share this part of my life with you as I know we ALL have our problems! ¬†¬† And yet, I feel I need to share this part of my life¬†with you now – not for your pity but for your understanding.¬† I live with chronic pain¬†and osteoarthritis – why I create art with humor! ¬†ūüôā

I’m scheduled for surgery on my left big toe,¬†March 23rd. ¬†I could use your good thoughts and prayers.

I have put off surgery for five years but I still worry about it.¬†¬†Two weeks¬†at home and at least six more weeks (plus or minus) recovery time. ¬†Yes,¬†I can drive after two weeks since it is my left foot. ¬†ūüėČ

I’ve tried to plan ahead and stock the freezer and the cupboard for my hubby so he doesn’t have to get much take-out. ¬†I’ve tried to get caught up with housework and laundry. ¬†I have tried to get caught up at work (we work together). ¬† And yet, I still think of things I didn’t do!

I will post a weird bird on Wednesday and maybe throw in a couple of unexpected posts here and there for a couple of weeks! ¬†And I’m hoping I can get caught up with your blogs during this time! ¬†ūüôā

I’d love it if you¬†started a doodle to share with me!

Cheers! ¬†ūüôā

Circles Of Joy

If I was to describe¬†my art journey¬†in seven words today… I’d¬†say; “Creating art with¬†JOY makes me happy!”¬† ūüôā


How would you¬†describe¬†your¬†creative journey in seven words?¬†¬† And if it isn’t where you want it to be in your¬†life¬†– maybe write it as YOU envision it!!

Cheers!¬† ūüôā

Circle Of Friends

Remember the paper circles that I recently posted?  If not, you can find it here.

Well, one of the reasons I was cutting out circles was to make these 3 minute postcards:


An assignment from Carla Sonheim recently in her year-long online class was to create a quick postcard with these 5 perimeters:

  1.  Use a round piece of collage
  2.  Add a drawing that interacts with your circle collage
  3.  Add a splash of watercolor paint
  4.  Add a word or two РI used rubber stamps
  5. Add the color, orange

And here are a few more postcards I did:


Some days it’s fun to give yourself perimeters to create art!¬† And postcards are great because you can send them to a friend¬†and say, hello!¬† ūüôā

I hope you¬†take time to play and create something¬†fun for you¬†today…


And maybe put a stamp on it and send it to a friend!!

Cheers!! ūüôā


Sometimes I like to put brush to paper in watercolor without thinking about an outcome.

This experiment I did in my art journal recently.  As winter fades and Spring awakens:


The colors in nature change from greys and blues to greens and yellows.

I also painted similar colors and patterns on Lutradur in watercolor. ¬†This photo tells you about this product if you haven’t heard about it.


The product can be used in sewing and paper arts. It feels like a heavy interfacing used in sewing.

I cut out a few strips of the painted Lutradur and glued them over my watercolor paper.  I like the subtle contrast with the paper.  I added a gelli-printed circle to represent the moon.


Have you ever used Lutradur?¬† I’d love to hear how you have used it!

Cheers! ¬†ūüôā

Cutting Circles

Some days my brain is too tired after work to create an “art piece” so I try to find a fun activity to keep my hands moving. ¬†Yesterday, I decided to cut up some circles for another project.


I used a stencil to draw circles in three different sizes on a variety of papers:  gelli-prints, scrapbook and dictionary pages.


I cut them out with scissors while watching TV and talking to my hubby about his day.


The circle scraps are keepers too!


Wishing you a happy day!

Cheers! ¬†ūüôā

The Puddle-Jumper

Perhaps you have seen this bird lately in your neighborhood?


Around here it means that Spring is just around the corner…

Time to put on your galoshes and jump some puddles!!

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!

Cheers! ¬†ūüôā

P.S. Do you see any animals in the puddles or clouds?


I had a little leftover glass¬†bead gel from a recent art experiment… so instead of wasting it, I added fluid acrylics in Turquoise and spread it on a scrap piece of hot press watercolor paper.¬† I decided to add¬†watercolor to it yesterday:


What would YOU do to complete it?

I’d love to hear your ideas!!

Cheers! ūüôā

P.S.¬† I’m thinking of making this a weekly feature on my blog… would you like to hear other creative ideas on how to complete a piece of art?!¬† ūüôā

Just Leaf It

We are having a really late Spring this year.  So I have been doodling leaves in my sketchbook, dreaming of warmer weather:


Perhaps you remember me starting this as a watercolor on a previous post?  If not, you can find it here.

It was a fun “branching out” and trying things in a different order. ¬†However, I like creating the doodle first and then adding color, what do you think?

Cheers! ¬†ūüôā

The Little Pink House

The first home my hubby and I rented was very small… so small that my sis said we must be in love! ¬†And we were! ¬†Looking back now, we were so young:


Below¬†is an “artistic”¬†floor plan of our 441 square foot home in Cheney, WA:


The little pink house sat between 2 railroad tracks which took a little getting used to!  We had a king-sized waterbed that felt like one of those coin-operated massage beds when the trains passed.  Lol!  The bed took up most of the room too.  I had to lie on the bed in order to open the dresser.

My hubby sold stereos at the time and we had a set of Magnepan speakers in the living room – 2 ft wide, 6 ft high and 1 inch thick. ¬†Perfect sound for a tiny home! ¬†ūüėČ

We had our first garden in the backyard.  The cows next door got loose one time and helped to fertilize the garden.  We had zucchini so large we used them as door stops.

Our first cat, we named Abbynormal after the Young Frankenstein movie.  I remember the cat was a bit abnormal and loved the swamps near our house.

When the landlord¬†doubled the rent a year later, we moved to Spokane, WA and paid much higher rent but we a bigger house! ¬†ūüôā

Do you remember your first home? ¬†I’d love to hear your memories!

Cheers! ¬†ūüôā