Some Strange Bird

When I started creating this HIPPO BIRD on day 7 –

Day 7 - Hippo Bird with Sprinkler Attachment

I didn’t like it so I turned the bird upside down.  I changed its legs into a Sprinkler Attachment that my bird has now strapped around its body.

Sometimes it helps to see things from a different perspective.

7 responses to “Some Strange Bird

  1. It’s a self-propelling shower – cool!!!


  2. Very creative and fun! I love birds and you are doing a great job of making them interesting. I think I saw Homely Homer standing on a corner downtown today.


  3. Oops! Sorry I misspelled your name – thank you Cherilyn!

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  4. The Sprinkler and the Hyroglyphic are my favorites so far. So funny and cute!


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