Meet Bob!

Bob is apart of the word, “DiscomBOBulate”

Bird #16 - Bob of DiscomBOBulate

It is Bob’s job to throw your mind into a state of confusion.  So the next time you are feeling upset, remember Bird #16 and may it turn your frown upside down!

10 responses to “Meet Bob!

  1. hi Bob! 🙂

    Your blog is looking good so far !!


  2. Glenmar Fullmer

    That cute Bob has done a really good job on me!



  3. BOB is just so casual… chillaxing and hanging out. Love him!


  4. Tee Hee – this is great and made me laugh out loud!!

    (Guila from the Sparky people) – I just noticed that I’m logged into my poetry blog, lol.


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