A Bird’s Eye View

I was experimenting with drawing gum and acrylic paints yesterday as part of an online class I’m taking with Diane Culhane.  I decided to collage some of my own patterned paper that I posted here yesterday.  I then added some white gel pen and black micron pen.

Bird's Eye View - Drawing Gum & my own pattern collage

This looks like flowers from a bird’s point of view.

I also created a flower with the drawing gum on white paper and then added 2 layers of acrylic paints:  Yellow and Red.  On this one I just doodled with the black micron pen after the paint was dry and the drawing gum removed.

Drawing Gum Flower with black micron pen

4 responses to “A Bird’s Eye View

  1. Can you tell me a bit more about ‘drawing gum’. Is it a liquid that you paint on as a mask & then take off ?


  2. Hi Susan! Yes! Pebeo is the brand I used. You can paint it on – be sure to use a cheap brush – and once dried, it rubs off with your fingers.


  3. I thought there was such a product & was looking for it. So glad you mentioned it & showed me some of what it can do. Can you describe the type of container it comes in, just to make the search a little easier. Thanks so much & love following all of your varied ‘Bird Adventures’.


    • Thanks Susan! I would suggest you google Dick Blick art supplies and input Pebeo Drawing Gum. It will show you are photo of what you want to look for in the store. I think I ordered mine online though at Dick Blick. Hope this helps.


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