Acrylic Paint and Syran Wrap Textures

Purple and Greens

Today I experimented with Golden Fluid Acrylics and syran wrap on hard-pressed 140 lb. watercolor paper to create texture.  When the paint was still wet, I crinkled and pressed syran wrap into the paint on the paper.

Oranges & Turquoise

I love the different color combinations that resulted from my experiments.

Cream & Blue, Rust

These were some of my favorites.  I plan to use these papers in my collages.

Drawing Gum Bird with acrylic paint & syran wrap on top

And of course, I had to create a bird!  This was the result of a drawing gum bird, doodling on top with black micron pen and then covering it with blue paint and syran wrap.  Pretty wild, huh?!

4 responses to “Acrylic Paint and Syran Wrap Textures

  1. You ARE a wild one! See you Friday



  2. Thanks Glenmar! Looking forward to seeing you! 😊


  3. Interesting textures!

    Liked by 1 person

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