Bird Brain Invention #12

Two birds got together recently to collaborate on an invention to protect them from cats who get to close to their bird feeder.

This is what they created:

The Cat Zapper Invention

It’s called:  THE CAT ZAPPER

If a cat gets too close, the all-knowing Zapper will sense it and ZAP the cat in one of several ways such as the Hose, Flower Pollen or Spider Legs.  The Zapper will surprise the feline by shocking it with one of these various 8 methods so that the intelligent cat won’t know what hit it.

4 responses to “Bird Brain Invention #12

  1. This just made me giggle a bit. It’s bright, fun, whimsical and a bit twisted. I like that. Lol

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  2. Thanks Cubbyholes!
    I have a cat who likes to camp out under the neighbor’s bird feeder. So this is what gave me my idea. I also looked at Zentangles for pattern ideas. 😊


  3. Thats really fun, Jill. I somehow missed this post, but the title in the sidebar catched my eyes.

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