Duck, Duck, Grey Duck

I remember playing the childhood game, “Duck, Duck, Goose.”  However, Minnesotans claim that the U.S. is playing the game all wrong.

Just like the “traditional” version, players sit in a circle facing inward.  The picker, or “it,” walks around the circle, tapping on each player’s head.  Only in the Minnesotan version, instead of just saying “duck,” you give the duck a color.  So the picker would say, “red duck,” “green duck” and the like, in whatever order they want.  When “grey duck” is called, the chase begins.

Here is my green duck, pink duck, white duck….

one liner bird with gold gel pen & prismacolor pencils

2 responses to “Duck, Duck, Grey Duck

  1. I love this! What media did you use? I could see adjusting this to use yarns for my younger students.

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  2. Hi Kitty!
    I used a gel pen to make a one-liner bird and then Prismacolor pencils. Very fun on black paper! 😊

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