Knobby-Kneed Visits Chiro-Practor Bird

“Tweet-Tweet,” greeted Chiro-Practor Bird to Knobby-Kneed.

“My name is Dr. Os Trich.  How can I help you today?”

Dr Os Trich - Chiro-Practor Bird

“My friend, Merry Bird recommended I visit you,” replied Knobby-Kneed.  “She said you could put me back in the sky in no time.”

“Well, well,” said Dr. Os Trich.  “Let me see what I can do.  Lie here on my table and let me examine you.”  Knobby Kneed laid on the table, beak down.

“Whoop, whoop, woo!”  Said Dr. Os Trich deeply in his throat.  “I see what your trouble is… you have Lopsideditus.”

Knobby-Kneed was caught a bit off-balance.  “Can you help me, Dr. Os Trich?”

“Why, I do believe I can,” said Dr. Os Trich.  “You will need to visit me twice a week for a month so I can straighten you out.”

“Oh, I would be most grateful!” Said Knobby-Kneed, feeling a bit more even already.  “Chirp, Chirp!  Dr. Os Trich!”

8 responses to “Knobby-Kneed Visits Chiro-Practor Bird

  1. This bird makes me laugh! Thanks. Susan

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  2. I’m glad Susan! 😊


  3. This one put such a huge smile on my face!!! I just love it!

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  4. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! I’m happy this made you smile! 😊


  5. Thanks Barbara! 😊


  6. He is so cute! I love him!!

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  7. Thanks Carol! I appreciate you stopping by! 😊


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