Letting Go of Expectations

Yesterday, I dug out an acrylic painting that I had started but did not like.  I decided to experiment with different techniques.  So I added more paint, created texture with syran wrap, added some collage papers (birds of course), blew  High Flow acrylics with a can of compressed air, stenciled, splattered dots and wrote on it.  This was the result:

Letting Go of Expectations

I photographed my piece as I added layers.  In doing so, I was able to see a figure emerge.  It also helped me to remember what I did.  Here is a close up of the birds I collaged:

Hidden bird 1

Hidden bird 2

These also help you see the depth I created by adding so many layers.

This is what I learned from creating without a goal:

written words of wisdom

It says:  Letting go of expectations, Freedom to play with color and Experiment with techniques.  I don’t know if my painting is complete but I enjoyed having fun!

This painting reminds me a little of my life.  When I’m willing to let go of my expectations, amazing things can happen!

Enjoy your day!

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