Fowl Play – Part 1

After my chicken post yesterday, I started thinking about my title – Wattles and Combs…  It sounded somewhat familiar and then it hit me!

Is this Detective Sherlock Combs and his Partner, Dr. Wattles?

Detective chickens - 1

Solving crimes of Poultry I’m sure!

Or are they Wattles and Combs, Bail Bond Lawyers for Jailbirds?

Lawyer Chickens - 2

Helping defendants that have been deemed a high flight risk!

Perhaps they are Chef Combs and Waiter Wattles from the Roost Restaurant?

Cooking Chickens - 3

Come home to the Roost,                                                                                          Friendly smiles give you a boost!                                                                                Where food is served extra hot,                                                                                       But you’ll never find, chicken in a pot!

To be continued….tomorrow!  So stay tuned in for more chicken humor, served with a smile!  🙂

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