A Pelican Named Trish

Last Fall, I created a Pelican in paper collage named Trish:

No. 62 - A Pelican Named Trish

Recently, I created a Brown Pelican in ink and watercolor:

Lesson 4 - Brown Pelican

Did you know that unlike other pelicans, Brown Pelicans hunt by diving into water with wings partly folded in order to catch fish?

I like both of these pelicans, how about you?

6 responses to “A Pelican Named Trish

  1. I love seeing your pelicans. I don’t know which one I like best. The head on the watercolor one is really good!

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  2. Thanks Corinne for stopping by! I really like how my ink and watercolor Pelican turned out! I think it is one of my best paintings. It is Lesson 4 in Val Webb’s class.


  3. I like both. One is adorable and full of smiling whimsy and the feels more realistic and lovely.

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  4. Thank you Cubbyholes! I like how you described my art. Makes me smile! 😊


  5. Trisha is so cute! Sure hope you frame the brown pelican it is beautiful!

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  6. Thank you Carol! So kind of you to say! ❤️


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