Creating Art Can Be A Hoot!

Sometimes it is the experiments with my art that please me the most.  Possibly it is because I’m just playing without any expectations of the outcome.

A good example is my owl that I created yesterday.  I took the Gelli-print that I liked the least and created a bird from it.

least favorite print

Here is my owl:

owl from gelli print

I’m happy with my results.  I think the fortune sums it up well:  You will find your solution where you least expect it.

Here are 2 prints that were my favorites:

favorite print 1

favorite print 2

Happy weekend friends!

6 responses to “Creating Art Can Be A Hoot!

  1. These are all wonderful and engaging. Great job!

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  2. Thank you! I’m glad you liked it! 😊


  3. OMG that owl is wonderful, but I love every single one of these. My fave is the one directly beneath the owl. Way to go! I’m glad you’re happy with them too!

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  4. Thanks Laura! I think my favorite print was the first one under the owl too! 😊


  5. Glenmar Fullmer

    Love your owl and the “favorites”. You could frame them as is and not add anything. I especially like the first one


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  6. Hi Glenmar! So nice to hear from you! Thank you for your kind comments! 😊


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