I helped my husband move some office furniture around over the weekend so today I’m feeling dog-tired:


Luckily for me I can rest today and create some art.  YAY!

I wanted to show you a few more of my Gelli-Prints I did last week.  The colors and patterns in the one below remind me of a tapestry –

gelli print 1

I like the variation in colors on this one –

gelli print 2

And this one reminds me of a Hawaiian sunset –

gelli print 5

And this one has interesting patterns and depth –

gelli print 7

Do you have a favorite one?  Would love to hear about why you like it!

4 responses to “Dog-Tired

  1. Adorable! Rest up…

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  2. Very nice! I really like the second one — I think it’s the contrast between dark and light. But what do I know? I’m a cat!

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  3. I like the third one because of the nice color contrast. Love the birds in all of them!

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    Love ’em all. The last one looks very 3 dimensional

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