The Tree Feather

There once lived a tree in a very magical land called Potolgold.  Now this tree grew beautiful colored leaves but no birds would land on its branches.

The Tree Feather

Without birds and their nests, the tree began to shrivel and die.  This troubled the Irish Queen who also lived in the magical land of Potolgold.  You see the Queen loved all the birds and nature.  It brought her great joy to hear the birds sing, touch the flowers in bloom and see the tree leaves dance in the sun and wind.

One fine Spring day, the Irish Queen got an idea.  She decided that if the birds could see her sitting on the branches of this fine tree, they would surely join her.  On the first day, she had trouble getting comfortable as the tree’s branches were a bit prickly.  She did not see any birds but she did not give up!

On the second day, the Irish Queen wore her most lovely green gown and brought a bag of bird feathers she had collected.  The feathers made the tree branches much more comfortable and did not snag her beautiful gown.  Soon two or three birds started to land on the branches of the tree near the feathers.

On the third day, a whole flock of birds landed on the tree.  (You see a small, gentle breeze had come up during the night blowing the feathers the Queen had brought onto all the branches of the tree).   The tree came alive and all the prickly needles fell off all the branches and started sprouting feathers!  The Irish Queen was so excited that she started clapping her hands in jubilation!  At this same moment, the birds grew feathers the same color as the tree’s leaves!

The birds now sit on the tree’s branches and build nests with their young.  The tree grows stronger and taller each day in the land of Potolgold.

All it took was a kind Irish Queen, a few soft bird feathers and a little Irish magic!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

12 responses to “The Tree Feather

  1. I love this!! Have you ever thought about writing and illustrating books for kids? Fantastic drawing also!!

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  2. How magically creative you are! Happy St. Paddy’s day to you, too, Jill.

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  3. Thank you Laura! I have not pursued the writing and illustrating for children but I am hoping to do so. It is one of my dreams. I just have to make it happen. 😊🌈

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  4. Thank you Sand Salt Moon! I appreciate your lovely comment!


  5. What a lovely story and the feathery leaf is perfect.

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  6. Thank you Carol! BTW I added the follow by email button to my blog. I think you mentioned that you like this? 😊

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  7. Thanks Jill. Now I won’t miss any of your posts.

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  8. Great story, Jill. I could almost see the Irish queen, the feathers and the birds sitting on the branches.

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  9. Thanks Corinne! A little Fairytale fun! 😊


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