The Double-Hooded Moot

(Merry Bird’s Adventure continues…)

Merry Bird was settling onto a tree branch, enjoying her evening when she saw the Double-Hooded Moot in the sky.

The Double Hooded Moot

“Tweet Tweet!”  Called Merry to Moot.  “Tweet Tweet, Merry Merry!”  Replied Moot as he landed on a branch beside Merry.

“So nice to see you out on this cool night,” said Merry cheerfully.  “Nice to see you too.  Nice to see you too.  Merry, Merry!”  Replied Moot.  (I realize it is a moot point to mention that Moot repeated everything twice).

“I really like both of your hats,” commented Merry.  “Me too!  Me too!”  Repeated Moot with zest.  “You see Merry, you see Merry;”  Merry nodded her head so that Moot would continue.  “I wear two hats, I wear two hats; because, because; my head and tail feathers, my head and tail feathers; get cold, get cold.”  Merry was beginning to feel like she was hearing an echo in a long tunnel.

“You are very smart,” said Merry.  Moot started nodding his head repetitively which made the tree branch start to sway.  Merry was about ready to jump ship when two moths flew by.  “Oh, Oh; gotta go, gotta go; Merry, Merry!”  Exclaimed Moot excitably.  “I see dinner, I see dinner!”

Merry was relieved so she shouted, “Enjoy your fast food!”  And Moot flew into the sky, flew into the sky!  Bye-Bye!

May your joys be doubled and all your troubles fly away!

2 responses to “The Double-Hooded Moot

  1. Beautiful and springlike. Love it! (Almost looks like tulips on the feet! :)))

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you Laura! You are so kind! 😊


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