It’s Yammer Time!

Remember the rapper, MC Hammer from the 90’s and his popular song, “U Can’t Touch This!”

Well, last night I was searching for a bird idea and the word, “Yammer” came to my attention in the dictionary.  Yammer means to talk loudly and persistently or to whine and complain.  For some reason, I thought of MC Hammer.  So here is my Yammer bird, MC Hammer style with his popular parachute pants:

It's Yammer time!

May it help you get up and shake a tail feather or two!

And when you “Shake it down,” be careful not to strain a muscle or two… I don’t want to hear any “yammering”!  HAHAHAAHA

One response to “It’s Yammer Time!

  1. *tail feather bob* 🙂

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