Fluffy Feathers

Last year I saw a Zentangled Feather on Pinterest so I decided to create my own:

No. 58 - Zentangled Bird Feather

I then colored it with Copic Markers.

Last night, I started creating a new feather:

Scanned Feather

I scanned this feather into the computer.  Now I can color it as many ways as I desire!

I started reading about feathers online at Wikipedia and discovered they are a complex subject!  I had no idea!

Did you know there are 2 basic types of a feather?  Vaned feathers which cover the exterior of a bird’s body and Down feathers which are underneath the vaned feathers.  There is also a third rare type called a Filoplume.  It is hairlike and  grows along the fluffy down feathers in some birds.

What do you do when you see a bird feather on the ground?

7 responses to “Fluffy Feathers

  1. Great feather! I struggled with the one I did. This looks super.

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    • Glad you liked it Cubbyholes! I practiced drawing a real bird’s feather several times and this helped me to better understand an imaginary one to Zentangle. Plus I found that my patterns did not have to be fancy – the more simple the better I liked it. Would love to see one of your feathers! 😊


  2. Love them both! I’ve always been fascinated by feathers too.

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  3. Stunning – feathers are really “big” now (trending) and they’re from birds! Love your feather art.

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