Bead Inspired

I finally finished the quilt square of the bird I started back in January:

Quilt of bird completed

And just in time!  I will be submitting it to Quilting Arts Reader Challenge tomorrow.

I created my quilt so I could embellish it with BEADS!  I love beads!

Teal beads

I have LOTS of beads.  And have them organized by color.

Yellow beads

Orange is my favorite color:

Orange beads

I enjoy “painting” with beads!  Here is a close-up of my beadwork on my bird:

Close-up beadwork on bird

And on the top right of the quilt:

Close-up of beadwork top right

May you BEAD inspired to create with beads!!!


6 responses to “Bead Inspired

  1. Wow Jill, where do you find the time to do it all? Beautiful square!

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  2. I squeeze in time when I can! And dinner sometimes does not get made! LOL! Glad you like it Carol! 😊

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  3. Beautiful!!! Love the terrific colors and workmanship. I bead inspired!!! :)))

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  4. Holy smoke, that’s some bead collection. Love your quilting work with beads. So charming and fun and colorful…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes! And I only showed you a few colors… I did not show you my “other” beads such as pearls, crystals, etc. 😊 hahaha! Thank you for your kind words on my quilt square. 😊🌈❤️

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