Word and Bird Jumbles

I like to do the word jumble in the newspaper.  It looks like this:

word jumble

Jumble means to mix together in a disorderly heap or mass, a confused mixture; a medley.

I kind of think my one-liner bird stacks are a jumble of birds:

Bird stack with orange owl

Using a black micron pen, I start my drawing at the bottom of the page.  Without lifting my pen from the paper, I draw a bird or a branch and then draw the next bird on top and so on.  The goal is not lifting your pen off the paper and to draw quickly without much thought.

Then I like to color them.  I used color pencils for the one above.

bird stack with flamingo

On the above medley, I used watercolor pencils to color my birds.

These are fun to do in front of the TV because they require little thought.

Bird stack with pink & blue bird

It is fun to see what turns up in my stack!  I colored the above with Copic markers and color pencils.

I like to use my bird jumbles as bookmarkers.  They are a fun way to use up scraps of paper.

Enjoy your day!

6 responses to “Word and Bird Jumbles

  1. These are very fun.

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  2. Would make great book marks or a border for a kid’s room around the door frame!

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  3. Gosh these are so cute! I love the second one. It would be great as a measuring picture on a kids wall, to measure their growth. Do it on material and what a neat present it would be when then have their own kids. 😁

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