The Crooked Quill

Did you know that the best quill pens were usually made from goose, swan and later turkey feathers?

So I decided to create my own:

Quill feather 1

This is the Crooked Quill and a bottle of Magical Ink…

I think there is the beginning of a story here!

According to Wikipedia, “Quill pens were the instrument of choice during the medieval era due to their compatibility with parchment and vellum.”

Quill Feather 2

Here is another quill feather I created with a gold gel pen and Prismacolor pencils.

Quill pens are still used today mainly by professional scribes and calligraphers.

I have a turkey feather that a friend gave me and I am going to try making a quill out of it.  Maybe I will write a story with it!

Which feather do you like the best?

5 responses to “The Crooked Quill

  1. I like them both equally for different reasons. They’re lovely. And magical. *flings magic joy ink at Jill*

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  2. Great idea and love the colors on the black background.

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