A friend of mine suggested this word for a blog post.

Since I have been learning to draw horses, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to use this word.

Horse study

I have been sketching horses for over a week to get to this drawing.  I’m taking a drawing and painting class from Val Webb.

I added a horn to make it a unicorn:

Unicorn Study

This would be a great place to interject the word, “horsefeathers!”  It means:   rubbish; nonsense; bunk (used to express contemptuous rejection).  It comes from 1925-30, Americanism; horse + feathers, as euphemism for horseshit

I know you are wondering about the feathers part…

So I colored one of my Zentangle feathers from the other day.

colored feather on yellow gelli-print

And photographed it on one of my recent gelli-prints.

Here is another photo from a different angle and background:

colored feather on blue gelli-print

It is interesting how the colors of the feather changes depending on the background.

Sometimes we need a little nonsense in our life!  HAPPY Friday!

10 responses to “Horsefeathers

  1. you sketches are good.!


  2. Nice horses and I love the feather!! Interesting how the background pulls out different colors to the eye. I’d like to try horses, too. In middle school, unicorns and rainbows were about the only thing I drew, lol.

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  3. I didn’t see this post before now. Love it. thanks for the right amount of silliness.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. And love that wondrful horse drawing by the way. Really well done.

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