More Nonsense

Sometimes dictionary illustrations give me ideas for birds such as this one:

The Funnel-Nosed Bosh –

The Nonsense Funnel Bird

The word, “funnel” had a wonderful illustration in a children’s dictionary so I used it for my bird’s beak!

Bosh means:  absurd or foolish talk; nonsense

I added some scraps of scrapbook paper and a new bird appeared!

May you find new meaning in every day words!  🙂

7 responses to “More Nonsense

  1. Glenmar Fullmer

    Check out today’s dictionary word, oology, the study of birds eggs. Perhaps an oologist might enjoy meeting your collection of birds.


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  2. Hi Glenmar! And thanks for the word idea – I will check it out! 😊


  3. Oh my gosh!!! So cute, and I love his little legs and feet! :))

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  4. Love your funnel nose bosh, if you don’t bind it has given me an idea to work with my level one learners on creativity and using dictionary words to create an imaginary creature like yours . Real inspiration.


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