Do You Know Me?

You landed on my windowsill yesterday morning.  At first I didn’t recognize you.  After all, it is Spring and the Flowering Plum tree is in full bloom.  It’s bright purple-pink blossoms have exploded early.  The Daylilies have begun stretching their green foliage through the soil.  And you know the Rhubarb!  Well, it is already growing a mound of tender stalks under curly green leaves.  The grass is even green having lost its yellow blades from winter.

Then you show up.  I know we need you but I didn’t expect to see you now.  I watch you flutter from the sky and land on the fir tree.  Your touch is light.  You seem to delight in your presence.  I can’t help but notice how beautiful you are against the gray sky.

Maybe you won’t stay long.  You bring with you a chill that makes my hips ache.  Yet you are unaware as you dance in the sky, skipping from branch to branch on the budding trees in my yard.

Suddenly, the sun appears, breaking up the clouds.  I see you fly away.  I understand now.  You wanted to sing your song one more time for me.

The Snowbird

The song is from an old children’s songbook.  The painted backgrounds are gelli-prints on watercolor paper.  The bird is a gelli-print on deli paper.  My flowers are doodles with a black pen.

Let’s give a cheer for Spring!  🙂

8 responses to “Do You Know Me?

  1. Sweet poem, and charming illustration to go with, it has a childlike quality.


  2. Jill, I love this!

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  3. So sweet ~ from a heart full of joy!

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