The Wobbly Wheel

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Why is it that I tend to choose the grocery cart with the uneven wheel?  I guess I could take it back to the cart area and choose another one but then I may choose something worse so I push on.  “Bang, clang, thump!”  My cart’s front left wheel churns as I head towards the milk isle.  I start feeling annoyed.

I wonder how many of these shopping carts have a bad wheel?  Is it one in four?  And who repairs them anyway?  Is there someone in the store room behind crates and boxes with broken wheels lying around whose job it is to fix these unwieldy carts?  Do they have a job title such as:   Shopping Cart Repairman (or woman?)  Or maybe it is one of the young kids whose job it is to retrieve the carts from the parking lots.  Do they draw straws at the beginning of their shift to see who has to retreat to the back of the store with a wrench and can of grease?

Are the carts all lined up in a certain order for repair?  Missing wheels would have priority over a squeaky one I’d imagine.  I wonder if there are some carts that have been repaired so many times, like a car, that they are tagged to be destroyed?  Does someone push them over a cliff?  “Here lie the broken carts that are beyond repair,” a junk yard for shopping carts?  Or maybe they get sent away to a big factory that squishes them flat and then recycles the metal into new and shiny models.

I would think that someone could design a wheel for a shopping cart that would not break down or wobble or bump and clang.  Maybe there are BMW models of shopping carts out there but my store is too cheap to carry them.  It is difficult to say.  And do you think there are actually shopping cart salespeople?  Do they push their model into the store to show the store purchaser just how wonderful their cart is compared to the one abandoned in the parking lot?

One does consider these subjects when they spend 30 minutes clanging around the isles of the grocery store.  My nerves are shot.  I think about the joy I’d get pushing my cart over a cliff but I restrain myself.  Next visit I will examine my cart closer and choose a shiny model with Cadillac wheels!

2 responses to “The Wobbly Wheel

  1. Finding My Inner Zen

    Great random stream of thought. I hate the wobbly wheeled shopping carts, but am usually too stubborn to go and return it and re-do the whole process of putting the darn quarter in!

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