The Miskito Bird

A little Silliness on a Saturday –

Once upon a time in a magical land, there lived a Miskito bird.  Now this bird was very unusual – even for a magical land.  It was part insect and part bird (called an in-bird).  Its wings were colorful like a butterfly and its beak was long and narrow like a Hummingbird.

Miskito Bird

This in-bird made a loud, annoying, buzzing sound when it flew, much like a Mosquito insect does today.  However, this Miskito did not suck your blood.  Instead, when you heard its loud hum, you instantly craved a Mojito.

I hope you enjoy reading about the Mojito’s history as much as I did!

I created my bird today by taking a color copy of a doodle I had created previously:

My pattern - colored

I started my doodle with a black, Zig writer ink pen and then colored it with markers and watercolors before I copied it on a Laser color copier.

I then cut-up my copy to create my bird!


20 responses to “The Miskito Bird

  1. This doodling is so amazing and beautiful and the story and magical bird so fun!!

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  2. Hahaha, so clever and colorful!

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  3. Only reading about Miskito makes me craving a moskito 🙂
    Lovely little story and bird!

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  4. This is lovely!! I wish we had these instead if their awful cousins. Lol. Ya know as soon as I saw this I thought of the beautiful hand-painted Mexican pottery. Wouldn’t this make a gorgeous platter? Or maybe some tiles for a back splash?

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  5. I have been bit by this in-bird. I am craving a mojito! Very beautiful doodle and bird

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  6. Imagine craving a mojito every time this in-bird flew by. Rum sales would sky-rocket.

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  7. Jill, if everyone “doodled” like this, we’d have a creative revolution on our hands!! Wow, I’m impressed!!! You should doodle more often, this is really gorgeous! Love your bird creation and story too. You’re so creative! Happy Sunday!

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  8. Your art work is beautiful

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  9. ohh my gosh, what a great process!

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