A Tropical Paradise

Completed gelli deli bird collage

I completed my Gelli Deli Bird Collage from yesterday.  It looks like a tropical paradise to me!

I started my project by gluing random book pages to a canvas board:

Step 1 - paper collage glued to canvas board

Next, I added stencils with acrylic paint and rubber stamps using Royal Purple StazOn ink.

Step 2 - Stencils and rubber stamps

Then I glued torn bits of my own patterned paper:

Step 3 - more paper collage with own paper

I created my own stencils and cut out circles, leaves and birds from my gelli-printed deli paper and glued it down:

Step 4 - added gelli printed deli papers

Repeat with more torn paper – this time I used pages from an old Shorthand book; added a little more acrylic paint and rubber stamps:

Step 5 - add more collage papers, paint and rubber stamps

I added another layer of gelli-printed deli paper and a few more dabs of paint:Step 6 - more gelli deli printed paper and paint

Then to finish my piece, I outlined the deli printed shapes with a black watercolor pencil, wetting it with a brush and smearing it with my finger:Completed gelli deli bird collage

And it’s complete!

I learned some of these techniques by taking an online class with Lynn Whipple, called “The Joy of Collage.”


19 responses to “A Tropical Paradise

  1. Those are very tropical colors, with that lovely aqua and magenta. Very fun. Gelli-deli, cool!

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  2. Fantastique ! J’adore !!!

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  3. I adore this! I love that you shared all the steps. I always wonder how people do this! SUPER DELIGHTFUL!

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  4. Delightful collage! And thank you for showing the process!

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  5. Ok, Jill: *in my Emeril voice* Another notch!!! Love this!!! What did you add between last night and tonight’s post? This is freaking awesome. And I agree w Jodi, THANKS for explaining your process!!

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  6. Also how do you know when to stop?

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    • That is the hard part. I have made several of these collages and I am LEARNING to not over do it. Plenty for the eye to see but not over done is my goal. Since my deli paper is patterned and somewhat transparent, I tried not to make it too busy. I hope I succeeded. 😊

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      • Last night it seemed a little busy but now with the black outline, I think it’s just right! I think the birds stand out more now. I find knowing when to stop v v hard. I love this one. Gotta go sleeps!! Congrats on this beautiful artwork and Nightnight.

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  7. Hi Laura! Thanks for making me smile! 😊 It’s been a longgggg day!
    To answer your question, I outlined all the shapes with a black watercolor pencil and smudged with water and fingers to add depth. Something I can do in front of the TV but takes time to do. I also added eyes to the birds with a black marker. 😊🐤❤️

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  8. Ok just a normal black WC pencil not WC crayon? I’m wondering how you got it to smudge. This is really sharp and I love the colors!

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    • A black watercolor pencil works the best for me because there is so many layers of glue. Pencil works better is there is less glue. I experimented and found I liked the w/c pencil the best. I have one of those inexpensive water brushes that dampens it, I then blot with a Kleenx and smear with my fingers. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries. 😊


  9. Great piece, Jill. Lovely colors. You’ve totally made the techniques Lynn taught us your own and taken it further. Thanks for showing the steps as well!

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  10. LOVE!! Jill, you are an inspiration!! love your blog too!!

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