The Redbilled Oxpecker

In January 2013, I started taking online art classes.  The first class I took was called, “The Year of the Giraffe” and was taught by the creative, Carla Sonheim.  To read more about Carla and her online classes, check out her blog:

As you can imagine, I have LOTS of giraffe art!

giraffe seeing patterns

Each month we had a new assignment – we drew, painted, collaged, sewed and even wrote poetry!

May collages 3 & 4

I  also learned a ton about giraffes.   Did you know that the birds that sit on  giraffes are called a Redbilled Oxpecker or Tickbird?

The Redbilled Oxpecker bird

They also have a cousin, called a Yellowbilled Oxpecker.  The Oxpeckers name is derived from their feeding habits.  This bird perches on large mammals – wild and domestic and eat parasites such as ticks and botfly larvae which lodge in the mammal’s skin.

Redbilled use a scissoring motion to search through the hair of their hosts so are often seen on giraffes; whereas, Yellowbilled use a pecking motion so they tend to favor short-haired animals such as buffalo and rhino.

I have more giraffe art to show you but I will save it for another day!

Viking Jammy

Happy Creating!

13 responses to “The Redbilled Oxpecker

  1. Wait ’til Rebecca in Stockholm sees this!

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  2. Wow. Your work inspires me so much. I love the giraffe on top – all of your cool designs in his spots! I like them all though. I love your spontaneity, creativity and the joy I feel whenever I look at your artwork. (((((Jill)))))

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  3. Hi Laura! I appreciate your comments! I love creating art! 😊🌈🎨

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  4. Me tooooooo! 👏👍🙀💛💜

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  5. ohhh my gosh, what fun!

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  6. Thank you Cathy! Happy you enjoyed it! 😊


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