That’s Just Malarkey!

Word of the Day:  Malarkey                                                                              Definition:  Speech or writing designed to obscure, mislead or impress.

Here is my Malarkey Bird!

Step 4 - Malarkey

I started my bird in an obscure way:

Step 1 - Malarkey Bird

Using these 2 squares of paper, I then drew the rest of a bird:

Step 2 - Malarkey

I basically just connected the lines.  Next I added some color with Aqua Markers:

Step 3 - Malarkey

You hardly notice the 2 paper squares anymore as the bird emerges.  Lastly, I added color pencils:

Step 4 - Malarkey

This is a fun warm-up exercise and that’s no malarkey!

7 responses to “That’s Just Malarkey!

  1. So cool to see how creativity happens with your unique way of starting this bird.

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  2. I agree, this is very cool. You are an inspiration, my sweet! (((((Jill)))))

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  3. I like the way how you added the loose lines to turn the two pieces i to one bird picture.

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