A Flower Bouquet

I rarely buy a bouquet for myself but yesterday, I had an excuse.  I needed some flowers for an online art class.  So I splurged and bought a nice one at the grocery store.

flower bouquet

They smell heavenly!  And the colors make me happy.  🙂

Here is a flower drawing I did with a variety of markers while listening to music:

flowers with markers

Then I added water to my marks.  It was fun watching the colors blend:

flowers with water added

And I finished them with a black pen to add details:

flowers with black pen over marks

So of course I had to try a bird:

bird with markers and water

This is a Fuzzy-Tailed Woozy!

bird with black pen doodles

Happy Friday!  Hope you take time to smell some flowers!

14 responses to “A Flower Bouquet

  1. I love your flowers! Has your Woozy had some boozy? LOL Happy Friday, Jill! 😀

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  2. PS I do like the black lines on the flowers, I think that adds a lot of definition while the paint still stays loose. I like that.

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  3. Funny guy, your Woozy. And charming flowers, lovely vase!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh Jill! Such fun beautiful art! I’m so glad I discovered you through #createarteveryday! You girls inspire me!!! I’m getting braver to be creative! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Great job, Jill. I love the finished bird. The black marker details add so much to both pieces of art.

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  6. So fun and colorful! Hubby bought me some beautiful flowers last week. They’re so bright and colorful, too.

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  7. I love your art, and the flowers are gorgeous.


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