The Maidenhair Tree

I started this negative watercolor painting last week.  I don’t really like how it turned out but I am posting it anyway.

Ginko Leaves and bird

I had a difficult time getting the Ultramarine Blue to cover consistently between the Ginko leaves.  It doesn’t look too bad from a longgggg way away!  LOL!

Did you know that the common name for a Ginko tree is Maidenhair?  I planted one in my yard a couple of years ago.  I like the elegant, fan-shape of its leaf.

Apparently, the Genus name of Ginko is of Japanese origin, gin meaning silver and kyo meaning apricot.

Happy creating!  🙂

13 responses to “The Maidenhair Tree

  1. Nice art work.. You did beautifully

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  2. I think it is quite lovely, and love that your signature bird a day is in it 🙂

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  3. Ok, I think we all need to post the art we don’t like more often. This might be my favorite of yours!! I love the colors and all the leaves except the one bird. Love the shape of the bird, the leaves, love it all! Well done, Jill! *flings joy*

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  4. That sounds weird. I love all the leaves and just one bird. Argh my brain is melllting and sleepy.

    I love it!!

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  5. I love learning something new and seeing your work. I like the inclusion of the bird. The colors are nice too.

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