My Art Journal Birds

In January, I started keeping a daily art journal.  I have always kept a written journal but I wanted to start including a drawing in my journals.  I have found this experience has really improved my drawing skills.

I thought you might want to see some of the birds that have shown up in my journals:

bird scrap in journal

The above one I created with paper scraps that were lying around.

Here is a more realistic looking Flamingo that I drew:

Flamingo from sketchbook

And sometimes an imaginary bird shows up:

thingamabob bird

I find that when I look back on my completed journals, it’s the images I enjoy the most, such as these:

drawings from journal page - remembering mom

So I decided to sign-up for an online class called:  Sketchbook Skool.  Maybe you have heard of Danny Gregory?  He is the artist who started these online classes.

I’m taking the class called, “Beginnings.”  I have just started watching the videos and I like that I can work at my own pace.  I also like that I can access the class information and videos forever.

So you will be seeing more of my art journals in the future.  Maybe you will want to join a class with me?

Happy Creating!

12 responses to “My Art Journal Birds

  1. The top and bottom ones are my favorite. I love the joy in your work! I hear great things about Sketchbook Skool; I hope you enjoy it!

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    • Thanks Laura! 😊 Do you keep a daily sketchbook?

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      • You know, I don’t, but now I’m wondering if I should. My blog has so far been my “daily” record, although honestly, sometimes what I post is something I made last week. It would be nice to have a daily record of sketches and that, but I don’t always do that kind of thing daily. Sometimes I paint instead. You know? Do you have a mixed media journal you use, Jill?

        I love the way your posts and our conversations get me thinking about new things to do or new ways to do them! (((((Jill)))))

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      • I do have one that I was keeping daily but I have stopped doing it every day. I was hoping the online class will help me get back in the daily practice! It is a fun way to record your day with quick sketches. I also like a place to record my ideas. 😊

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      • Yeah. I’ve always wanted to keep a diary or journal but I’ve never stuck with it for long. I do see the value in it but my guess is I’d have to use different sketchbooks concurrently, which would prob bug my sense of order a bit. Not that I have much of one, but I think a diary should prob be sequential in one book, or else what’s the point lol. Did you have a type of book that worked out well for you as an art journal? Any brands/papers to recommend?

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      • Yes, I understand about the order thing but I don’t seem to have much these. LOL! I like the spiral bound 9″ x 9″ Bee Paper Super Deluxe journals. Sounds much fancier than it is. The paper is 93 lb. Not good for watercolor or Copic markers.

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      • Oh ok. I have a small mixed media journal but I wouldn’t wanna sketch in it. Too bumpy. The color in your journal page above – is that from a marker? I assumed it was watercolor. It looks really pretty. I’d like to keep a journal if it’d look like that!

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      • It is a cheap watercolor set from Michaels and a water brush. Not much water. Don’t think it could handle lots of water. The Copic markers bleed thru and I like to use both sides of the paper.

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      • Gotcha. Looks good!


  2. Love the whole journal idea and online classes. Someday! Love the birthday page. 😄

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