Three Cheers For May! Hip Hip Hoorah!

I created this collage/painting recently in Diane Culhane’s Doodle class.  The colors remind me of summer!

acrylic paint & gel medium painted over gelli deli paper

I completed the assignment my own way of course!  🙂

I started by drawing my doodles directly onto canvas with a Sharpie pen:

Doodle on canvas with Sharpie

I combined several doodles together –  And included a bird!

Next, I glued my gelli-printed deli papers to the canvas.  I like how the pen lines show through and the papers add more patterns:

Canvas doodle covered with deli gelli-print paper

I then “painted” over the top with acrylic paints mixed with gel medium to create my finished piece:

acrylic paint & gel medium painted over gelli deli paper

This was so fun!  I want to explore it further at a later date!

YAY!  It’s May!  This is the beginning of trips to the Lake!  It is the “beginning” of summer for me!  Hip Hip Hoorah!

Lois and Glenmar in 2009 at lake

Laughter and friends and sunshine…

There is nothing better than spending time with our friends at the lake!  We have so many wonderful friends and memories!  We feel so blessed!  🙂

Daisy in pot at lake 2013

Three Cheers for May!  Hope you have a happy day!

As a friend recently reminded me, “Life is not a dress rehearsal!”  So kick up your heals, smell the flowers and laugh!!!

You are worth it!!!

27 responses to “Three Cheers For May! Hip Hip Hoorah!

  1. I love your art. It really makes me want to try and experiment but drawing is definitely not one of my strengths sadly.

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    • I couldn’t draw anything in September. If you’re interested, draw every day, watch youtube videos, try the book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”, and give yourself permission to draw badly for awhile. Before you know it, you’ll be amazed what you can produce!! My two cents.

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    • Thank you Nicki! And like Laura, I have taken a TON of classes! One of my favorite online classes that really helped me to draw was “21 Days to Draw” from Carla Sonheim. Google Carla Sonheim online classes if you are interested. She also has a book called, The Drawing Lab that is excellent. I hope you will give drawing a try! 😄

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      • Will definitely google Carla Sonheim I’m really interested. Will also look at The Drawing Lab.
        Have you always been able to draw Jill? I mean I seem to struggle to make a football look good haha.
        I have fallen in love with your style of art as well. So different from anything I’ve seen before and love the stories you have attach to some of them and the imaginary birds. They are all fantastic and really look forward to your posts, just don’t always get time to read them. Your blog really really inspires me, would love to add some of my own colour to my own pages… maybe one day :-).

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      • Thank you Nicki! I have always liked art but never was able to draw well. I think that the classes I’ve taken for over 2 years have really helped me. Your writing is very good. I think that drawing is a lot like writing as they both take practice. I keep a daily sketchbook or try too and draw what I see around me. It doesn’t have to be good – it just helps to try. I think it is a process that takes time to develop. Hope this helps! 😊


  2. Nice art. Inspirering!

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  3. Jill, this is beautiful!! I love it!! Happy May!!! :))) And as always, thanks for sharing your process with us!!

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  4. Awesome collage. Love the colors and your drawing! Enjoy this beautiful May Day!

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  5. Your aRt is beautiful and you make good efforts to keep us engage in your writing; thats is why I would like to nominate you for Liebster Award
    Liebster Award Questions – Answered! | HumaAq

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  6. Happy May to you!! I can feel your joy through this post! Love your doodles too….your final piece is so warm and enchanting! Thanks for sharing the process!

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  7. Love your doodle painitng! Have a good time at the lake!

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