A Pile Of Pinecones

I thought you may enjoy a day at the lake with me.  So grab your sunglasses…

Chimney Rock

This is Chimney Rock.  You can see there is still snow on the mountains.  I will never tire of this view at Priest Lake, Idaho.

Oh, look – the wild strawberries are in bloom!  I look forward to the sweet burst of flavor in these little red gems:

Wild strawberries in bloom

Ah, the sun feels so good, doesn’t it?  You can see it reflecting off the water.  Not much wind today just a gentle breeze.

Dock and water reflection

Come on, let’s go to the beach!  I saved you a chair right by the water so you could relax and breathe in the fresh air…

beach with chair

And watch the waves gently caress the rocks and sand –

rocks on beach

As you and I get ready to leave, you notice the wild rose bush unfurling its tender green leaves.  New birth next to the dead, dried rose hips from last fall.

wild rose bush

We linger for one last moment, next to a pile of pinecones.

A pile of pinecones

Listening to a woodpecker tap a tree, its rhythm reminding us that it is time for us to leave, this place of heaven on earth.

(No birds today – I will make-up for it tomorrow!)

Happy Creating!

10 responses to “A Pile Of Pinecones

  1. Gorgeous, Jill!! How far is this from your house?

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    • Thanks Laura! It is about a 2 hour drive. I have been spending my summers here ever since I was born! And I’m in my 50’s so that’s a long time. LOL!

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      • It’s so nice to have a place like that to bring back those wonderful childhood memories. Good for you, Jill! We used to go to Ocean City, MD, and we used to go back there when our daughter was little, but it’s become (IMO) kind of trashy and way too crowded for us, so we go to the NC beaches now. It is nice to have those memories associated with a place though, nothing really beats it. I’m so glad you can escape there, and that it doesn’t take too long to get there! Lots of wildlife sketching opportunities, I bet!

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      • I agree, Laura. Even though we don’t stay at the same location as I did as a kid, I love to escape there. I’m lucky my husband likes it as much as I do. I did do a little sketching yesterday – mostly of trees. 😊

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  2. Enjoyed the trip to the lake 🙂

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  3. Wonderful guided meditation on my favorite place on earth. Thanks

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  4. You have the eye my friend now that I found you I will see what your up to and creating…

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