Cowbirds and Cardinals

This udderly ridiculous bird:

my cowbird

Is NOT part cow:

cow sketch

But it is a REAL bird:

brown headed cowbird

Yes!  There really is a Cowbird!

I was doing some online research on Cardinals after my blogger friend, Jodi – who takes FANTASTIC photos – posted a video of  a female Cardinal nesting in her backyard – very cool!  Check out her blog at Life In Between.  (Not only does Jodi take awesome photos of birds, she also shares some delicious recipes that look like they came from a magazine!  She recently did a silly bird in watercolors that I ADORE!)

I had no idea that cowbirds really existed!  Apparently, they are smallish blackbirds.  Cardinals are often “parasitized” by the Brown-headed Cowbird.  This means that the Cowbird waits until the female Cardinal is away, then the Cowbird visits the nest, removes an egg and then lays one of her own eggs.  (Talk about mooooving in!)  The egg is apparently similar in size.  The Cardinal then raises the Cowbird.  I had no idea birds did this!  This Cowbird is certainly milking it for all it’s worth!!!

The Cowbirds are made up of a family of Screaming, Giant, Bronzed, Shiny and Brown-headed birds…(no I’m not making this up!)

Hope you have an UDDERLY creative day!!!  🙂

14 responses to “Cowbirds and Cardinals

  1. Love your collage and the cow silhouette is so perfect, it could be a tracing!! I’m looking forward to Jodi’s cardinals and the Great Hatching, too! :))

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    • Thanks Laura! I learned to draw the cow from a book called, Draw 50 Animals by Lee J Ames. He teaches in a similar style as drawing birds starting with simple shapes. My cow’s legs need work but there is always room for improvement in drawing! 😊

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      • Sounds like a terrific book! I’d like to draw other creatures like foxes, etc but we live in cow country, so if you need any cow photos, say the word and I’ll get some out to you! Beautiful work, Jill.

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  2. Awh! Hey Jill – thanks for making my day! 🙂 What a surprise to see you mention me in your blog post today!! And GUESS WHAT?!??! We have COWBIRDS coming to our feeder!!! I will try to capture some photos! They are very unique looking… and I love your “udderly ridicilous” bird – I love all of your silly birds!! 🙂

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  3. Oh, and I look forward to seeing photos of REAL Cowbirds! Thanks Jodi! 😊


  4. I love your humor and your drawings….and all your birds! You are not cow’ardly in your curiousity!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

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  5. funny, our bird feeder has just this week been invaded by a flock of cowbirds, and I’ve been planning to draw one. Thanks for this cute little post!

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  6. I hopped over to your blog from the link on createarteveryday. Loved it!

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