Fun! Fun! Fun!

Harold is ready for summer, are you?

Harold completed

I thought you might enjoy seeing my steps for creating Harold.

First I drew Harold in pencil and then I outlined him with a black micron pen:

Harold - the outline

Next, I decided what parts of him I wanted to use my gelli-printed papers on:

Gelli-print patterns on Deli paper

I outlined his shorts, hat brim and towel with tissue paper to use as my pattern and then cut them out (I will glue them down later):

deli paper cut outs

Using Copic markers, I colored a base coat:

copic markers for base color

I added color pencils for more color, shading and feathers:

add color pencil for shading

Then I glued down my paper cut-outs with a glue stick and added details with my black pen:

Add gelli cut outs and detail with black pen

I wasn’t liking my beach ball, so I decided to cut-out a new one from a gelli-print.  I added some pan pastels to soften the background:

Harold completed

And Harold is ready to enjoy the beach!

If you would like to see more of Harold, he is categorized under “Weird Birds.”

HAPPY Creating!

19 responses to “Fun! Fun! Fun!

  1. I am ready for Harold to enjoy summer!! Love this character….

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  2. He’s so cute, Jill!! I love the step-by-steps in your posts. They help me so much, as I really struggle with the mixed media side. Wow, what an array of supplies went into this adorable image!! You rock, lady. Thanks for the smile this morning. ❤️🎨💐

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  3. You go Harold! Lead us to warm weather and sunlit days! LOVE the flippers!!

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  4. I just love Harold! I have wall space at my office if you would like to display him!

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  5. Oh Jill! Harold is ADORABLE! Love the step-by-step directions and photos! Thanks so much for sharing! I learn so much from you. You are such an inspiration! I’ve been waiting all day for your post to show up in my feed, but it didn’t, so I went right to your site, and here he was! Hmmm! Must’ve missed it earlier, but wasn’t going to let the day go by without my Jill’s Art Journal fix! 🙂

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  6. He really is so sweet, brilliant.

    I love your blog so I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award.
    It’s can choose whether to accept it or not but if you read this post hopefully it’ll explain it.

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  7. Harold is so great! He makes me happy! :)!

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