Hooray, Hooray! Today Is Bird Day!

A blogger friend of mine, Create Art Everyday, created a monthly challenge to create a bird for tomorrow’s post on May 8th.  She had a wonderful tutorial on Monday on how to sketch a bird.  (If you click on her site, it will take you to her post).

I decided on a Scarlet Tanager for my bird:

Scarlet Tanager watercolor completed

The photo came from another blogger, Kathy Doremus, who claims she is a backyard bird nerd but I think she is an AMAZING and very GIFTED photographer!  (I found out about Kathy from Create Art Everyday on Monday).

I just love this blogging community!  🙂

I painted my above bird in watercolor with a little white gouache on the wings.  I messed up on getting the background perspective correct on the birdbath but I learned a ton in the process…

I also painted another Scarlet Tanager, splashing around in the birdbath:

ST in watercolor and color pencil

This one I did in watercolor and color pencil.  I was trying to create a more painterly approach as I really like how this blogger, Sand Salt Moon, does her watercolors.   She makes it look easy!  🙂

I know we each have our own individual styles in art.  The more I practice, the more my style will emerge.  I just need to keep painting!

Happy Creating!

18 responses to “Hooray, Hooray! Today Is Bird Day!

  1. Oh Jill – what a bright beautiful bird – love them both, but especially the second one splashing in the water. Then again – I love the detail of the bird in the first one – oh – I can’t decide – they are both amazing! And I look forward to your posts every day to see what you’ve created. Happy Bird Day! Don’t laugh too hard at my first attempt…. YIKES! 🙂 and HAPPY FRIDAY! As Laura says, Shake Your Tail Feathers!

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    • Thank you Jodi! I liked them both too. Watercolor doesn’t come natural to me and I really have to work at it – unlike paper collage. Yet, I think that it is good to try things that challenge the brain! Shake, Rattle and Roll today! 🙂

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  2. you have style, no worries

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  3. Lovely, Jill! Very “painterly” ~ what a great word. Your Tanager birds are colorful and definitely “got style.” P.S. Thanks for the shout-out

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  4. Wow! Oh my goodness! These are amazing. Can’t tell you how much this blessed me. 🙂 I need to find a way to show these on my blog!

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  5. Oh my gosh, Jill!!!! What Jodi said!! I saw those photos on Kathy’s blog and skipped right on by them, as they looked way too challenging!! Seriously, the bird in the first one is freaking amazing!! Yes, perspective stinks and we all struggle with it but holy heck, your bird looks terrific!! No wonder C came in here and commented, it looks amazing!!! Congratulations to you; what a beautiful bird!!! Thanks for helping us all to fly today!!! (And thank you so much for the mention, too!) You Rock, Lady!!! I love that your bird is shaking his Tailfeather!!!

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  6. PS obviously they’re both beautiful but the first is my fave!!

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    • Yes, I agree! The first one is my favorite also. I was getting tired when I did the background. I should have taken a break but I wanted to finish it. Oh, well! Onto the next one! Good thing I don’t have to make a living from my paintings – I’d be one of those people begging on the street corner for money! HAHAHA

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  7. OK, WP is starting to tick me off a bit. I replied to this comment and it keeps eating them. I came here for a different reason and happened to see my comment was not here. 😦 It doesn’t matter whether I’m on the PC or the phone. Is God trying to tell me to stop blogging?? What is the deal.

    I had said that I think your outlook is good. I have to do the same thing all the time with my stuff. I start out saying “Here goes nothing” and I usually finish saying “Oh well, I do have more paper here somewhere.” You know? I have to fight the tireds when I’m creating, too, because I can’t do art all day, though I’d love to. LOL I’m glad we don’t have to feed ourselves from our artwork! But we’re making the journey, and we’re moving on up, my sweet! Thanks for all your encouragement, Jill, it means a lot. And I do love your birdies. Thanks again for playing along today!

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  8. They came out so beautifully! Are they really that bright red? I’ve never seen one of those. How awesome they look. Super duper job!

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