Bafflegap and Gobbledygook

Word of the day:  Bafflegap

I work part-time for my husband in his mortgage business.  Some days I feel like this Bafflegap bird:

Bafflegap bird

Where everything is puzzling and confusing!  Believe me in the mortgage business, there is a lot of “unintelligible jargon!”  Maybe it just feels that way to me as I am more the right-brain, creative type.

I’m good at organizing loan papers but after awhile my brain gets tired.  This is when Bafflegap’s cousin – the Gobbledygook shows up:

Gobbledygook bird

I start saying things like, “you know, that thingamajig over there…”  Funny thing is my husband of almost 31 years is starting to understand my roundabout way of speaking.  He will reply, “you mean the thingamabob?”

It is scary getting old.  Just so we don’t start looking like our cat!  HAHA!

Jack cat 2009

Here is our happy cat, Jack!  🙂

6 responses to “Bafflegap and Gobbledygook

  1. Adorable birds with perfect names !!😝😝

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  2. I agree with Jodi, these two may be my favorites yet. I think the names go so perfectly with the birds (and in my business, I can certainly sympathize with the gobbledygook!!!!). It’s nice your husband understands. 🙂 Love your kitty!!! We had an all black one, too, he was quite a lover. Yours looks like he may have a bit of rascal in him? How old is he, Jill? 🐱👏💜💛🙀🎨👍

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  3. Thanks Laura! I think I made these after a day of working at the office. LOL! Jack is approximately 8 years old. We got him as a stray. I took this photo in 2009 so he still had a lot of kitten in him. He is the most loving cat! He likes to snuggle under the covers and sleep with his head on my pillow. ❤️


  4. Funny birds and names!

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  5. Thanks Kathrin! 😊


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