In 2014, I took about 20 online art classes!  I wanted to Soar!  And I did!  I flew to new heights in my art making.

This is one of the mixed media pieces I did in Lifebook 2014:Soar - Full shot

It was fun to play with different art mediums to create it.

Soar definition

I tried to create a bird that looked like it was soaring high above the mountains.

Soar with song

I pay more attention now to birds flying in the sky…

Hope you SOAR in your creativity this week!

Happy Creating!

13 responses to “Soar!

  1. You soar at mixed media, Jill! Love it!!

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  2. Oh Jill – I LOVE this piece! Every time I think I can’t love a piece more, you share something else EXTRAordinary! I so want to try mixed media, but I want to remain on watercolor for a while first. Some day though! I’ll keep getting inspired by you in the meantime! 🙂

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  3. Beautiful artwork and inspiring message, Jill!

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  4. Wow, 20 on-line classes! I thought I was doing well with six classes. Great work!

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  5. I am taking one challenge and one online course and can barely keep up….how did you do 20???? Lovely collage so you obviously persevered! It is funny how your view of something can change or be heightened with a simple awareness!!

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    • I didn’t complete all the lessons in the classes but I enjoyed watching the videos and learning from my classmates. In 2013, I took Carla Sonheim’s class, The Year of the Giraffe and I started seeing giraffes everywhere! I agree – Awareness is an amazing thing! 😊

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