Lines And Circles

I recently completed this acrylic painting on a 12 x 12 inch wood panel:

lines and circles

I used Golden Fluid Acrylics in Diarylide Yellow, Qinacridone Magenta, Cerulean Blue Chromium and Titanium White.  I mixed my paints with Liquitex Gloss Medium and Varnish to give it the transparency you see.

I started my piece by covering the wood with gesso and then a layer of the Diarylide Yellow.  I then drew “lines and circles” with a black sharpie pen:

lines and circles beginning

It got me thinking about how I draw birds.  I believe my drawing improved when I started seeing my birds in lines and circles and SHAPES!

I thought my notes may help you with your bird drawing:

Bird in shapes

My notes also help me remember!  🙂   I think looking at the negative shapes or the shapes around the bird also helped me with drawing a bird proportionately.

I drew this Evening Grosbeak in color pencils tonight:

Evening Grosbeak in color pencils

It is the first time I actually followed the directions to color my bird in color pencils from the book, “Identify and Draw North American Birds.”   I use this book a lot for identifying birds but I normally color it my own way.  I think I like my own way better!  LOL!

I would love to know if seeing your subjects (whether it is birds or cats or whatever you like to draw)  in shapes helps you in your drawings!  🙂

Happy Creating!

16 responses to “Lines And Circles

  1. Lovely abstract – such great colors and shapes. The bird looks very nice too.

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  2. Two more beauties. Love them both! It has helped me to think of objects in shapes first Learning every day.

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  3. I love the acrylic painting. It makes me want to go to my 12 x 12 boards, which are already gessoed and start painting. It reminds me of the warm-up activity that Lynn gave us to do in our journals. Beautiful!

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    • Glad you like it Carol! This was one of the lessons in Diane’s Doodle class. I hope you will post what you create! I’d love to see it! And thanks for the reminder about Lynn’s lesson. This would be fun to try here! 😊

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  4. This acrylic piece is really nice, Jill! Man, you really know how to balance the shapes and colors to unify the painting. I think the bird looks really good too! Colored pencils are 💜.

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  5. interesting question….and yes…seeing the shape….the simple shape, helps alot! wonderful post!

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    • Thank you Rebecca! How did you learn to draw your giraffes? I just love your style!

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      • So sweet to say! You know….I have been blogging on and off for a while…as well as have a BFA in Illustration from long ago…I have always loved the long and lanky….storks were also a muse….I have sketchbooks devoted to the giraffe…scribbles to sketching from the tundra….all I can say is that I have done many many drawings. And I am still changing and morphing….I started reading the Outliers a while back, by Malcolm Gladwell….and I think it hit home that if you do something over and over…..hours and hours….it will stick, change, shape and be……..putting in the time…that is why my giraffe is the way it is today…..thanks for asking….sorry for the long response!!!

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      • Thank you for sharing this! And I agree that doing A LOT of drawing helps one to improve and evolve. Some days I don’t feel like creating but I do it anyway. I think having a blog pushes me to create more and hopefully improve over time. I am still discovering what I like to do but maybe this is just an ongoing process? I appreciate your insight.


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