238 Days…

I was singing a song of praise this morning with the rest of the congregation, when a young child – probably about the age of three, started pirouetting in the front of the church.

As the musicians played and we sat in our chairs, this child twirled around in a circle like a fairy trying out her new wings – a little off balance and yet so full of promise.

Fairy Daisy on her way to Violet's Birthday party - painted

Her cotton white skirt filled with air as her budding arms arched over her pixie haircut and a slight joyful smile touched her innocent lips.  Every now and then she would give a short skipping jump with her soft leather shoes.

I envied her carefree spirit.  She wasn’t aware that she was the only one spinning in circles on this warm Spring day.  She was content dancing to her own rhythm.

I wished that I had the ability to dance or create art with so much freedom of expression!  And then I remembered that I do have that liberty – I am the one who chooses how to dance to this rhythm called life.  I have the ability to twirl and spin!  I can fling paint around on a canvas creating an abstract or delicately paint the magical wings of a fairy.  It is my choice!

Fairy Daisy upclose

And so I have decided to spread my fairy wings and fly high above the trees!  I choose to dip and dive into my paints and move beyond birds as my focus on my blog.

I have created a bird a day for 137 days this year and over 101 days in 2014.  This equals 238 days of flying feathers, colorful nests and real and imaginary birds!  I  want to continue creating art every day but widen my focus to the world around me.  I have learned a great deal about birds and will continue my study of them – just not every day.

Like creating this party outfit for Fairy Daisy:

Daisy's party outfit

Life is a celebration!  And I’m ready for a new dance!  I hope you will continue to join me on my artistic journey of discovery.


17 responses to “238 Days…

  1. You bet I will ! And looking forward to it! Beautiful fairy post!

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    • Thank you Jodi! I appreciate your support and encouragement! I took an online class on drawing and painting fairies last year. I created her outfit as my own idea. It reminded me a bit of the accessories for Barbie. LOL! Anyway, it was very fun to do. 😊

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  2. Lovely way to expand your vision, creativity, and talent. Enchanting! I love the page about the outfit. Wonderful inspiration at church – a sign!

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  3. Way to go, Jill! Love to see people setting themselves free. And what beautiful artwork you’re making! I tend to agree with C, maybe what happened in church was a sign. Looking forward to seeing where this leads you. 💛

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    • Thanks Laura! I had been thinking about it for awhile but I didn’t want to disappoint anyone – I know this sounds rather silly. I was hoping people would understand my need for variety! I’ve learned that goals are good but maybe make their scope a bit wider. LOL! I think seeing this child’s freedom helped me let go of my high expectations on myself. I hope this makes sense. 😊

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      • It makes total sense! Look how long I’ve hung on to the alphabet! And haven’t abandoned it yet, due to the same considerations. I’m really glad you’re branching out (no pun intended, lol)!

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      • Thank you kindly! ❤️

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      • I also wanted to say Jill – I think I made this comment on my blog last night and it showed up as a reply to my own comment, replying to your comment (that sounds very confusing, sorry) instead of a reply to you, but I counted up yesterday and I think I have kept 13 straight days in my art journal! And they’re all thanks to you. So I wanted to thank you again for your encouragement. It’ll be so cool in the future to see a whole row of these on a shelf, and be able to go back to kind of the beginning of my art journey and see how things have (hopefully lol) changed.

        I love how we encourage and inspire each other here! The other thing I’ve had you on my mind about is mixed media – you know I struggle with it, but I’d like to improve – I plan to try it out in my art journal, to see what happens. If I don’t totally bomb, you may see it in a future post, lol! 😀 I’ve been collecting MM supplies and it’s time to finally put them to good use!

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      • YAY Laura! I’m so proud of you! I enjoy looking back at mine. They give me ideas for things to draw or paint. As far as mixed media goes – I really think you are doing it now! It is combining more than one art medium and you are doing this with watercolor and a micron pen. (At least this is my definition of mixed media). You are also doing MM when you create your fabric experiments. Keep up the awesome art! 🙂

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      • Aww thanks but I wanna do the cool layered pages like you do *whines* Thanks as always for your encouragement. It means a lot. (((((Jill))))

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  4. Glenmar Fullmer

    Spread your wings and fly! Now you have the whole world from which to choose. Let your creative spirit soar!


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  5. Wow–that’s a LOT of birds!!!

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