Happy Hour

I’m taking an online class on Abstract painting from Karine Swenson, called,  Elements.  We are learning the fundamental building blocks of a painting which I hope will help me in all types of art.

The focus for this class is on abstract painting which I have dabbled in a little.  The painting I did today is focusing on different kinds of lines such as straight, curvy, static, etc.  Here is my finished photo:

completed lesson 2 - outside photo

The colors remind me of “Happy Hour” at the lake in the summer.  A group of friends and I gather at 5 pm for a glass of wine and an appetizer – but mostly it is a chance to get together and talk.  We also do a lot of laughing.  🙂

I thought you might enjoy seeing how my painting progressed.  I started with a 11 x 14 inch canvas board that I painted with acrylic paint.  I then masked off a couple of areas with tape.  I could only find washi tape:

Lesson 2 - 1

Next, I painted two colors, using my tape for guides.  I then removed the tape:

Lesson 2 - 3

It looked kind of like a star to me in the above photo.  I then added some curved and static lines to my straight ones:

Lesson 2 - 4

Next I added some jagged and wispy lines and a few dots and some thicker lines that look like squares:

Lesson 2 - 5

And lastly, I added some scribble lines with a wax pastel in yellow (kind of hard to see it), some squiggly lines, more dots and medium size dots (with a cork – seemed appropriate).

completed lesson 2 - outside photo


13 responses to “Happy Hour

  1. Love these colors Jill! The geometric shapes and the design is so appealing too. You certainly zapped that zapper!!!! 😜

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  2. How fun! I’ve run low on inspiration lately and needed some guidance. I’ll have to check out her class!

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  3. Seriously, this is awesome!! I even liked each stage along the way almost as well as the end product! I love your color choices and the shape repetition. Wow, what a feeling of unity to the piece. Nice job, Jill!! Are you thinking of doing more? And are you happy there’s no bird included lol?

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    • Thanks Laura! I found painting this to be very relaxing. No rules – my favorite part! 🙂 I’d like to try doing some of these paintings on 2 x 6 blocks that I cut into squares. I think they’d be fun to display outdoors. And yes, very happy that I didn’t have to include a bird! 🙂

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      • Yay!!! I like no rules too. As much as I enjoy drawing and WC, I start to wonder if MM may be calling… I’d love to see your outdoor art, if you do that!! Have you ever done MM on a canvas?

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      • Oh, yes! But usually I try to create a picture of something. Canvas is kind of expensive and it is hard to find good quality ones. Be careful with buying cheap ones that Micheals sells as they tend to warp. I like the Frederick Brand at Dick Blick. Canvas board is a inexpensive alternative to experiment on. You probably know all this. 😊

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      • Nope, didn’t know, thanks for the tip! I got some mini canvases from Blick awhile back. I was thinking of trying one of those. I’m not sure what the Blick brand I got was. I thought it was their generic brand but I’ll have to check. You may see it under some paint soon! 😀

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  4. Very interesting – neat shapes and colors. I like, I like!

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  5. I absolutely love this color combination!!!!

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