Made In The Shade – Part 2

Yesterday, I posted photos of Hostas I have in my yard.  Today, I want to show you a mixed media abstract I did:

Step 5 - add details with color pencils

I used this photo for my inspiration:

Hosta photo for abstract

I started by printing a black and white image of my photo and tracing the outline of the shapes in pencil.  Next, I transferred the image to 140 lb hard-pressed watercolor paper by tracing over my lines:

Hosta sketch - 1

I then decided which shapes I wanted to accent with Gelli-prints that I had made previously.  (Note:  In order to cut out the shapes, I copied my tracing paper  image onto copy paper).

Step 2 - decide on gelli-print shapes

Before gluing my shapes to my paper, I colored around the images with pan pastels:

Step 3 - pan pastels in background

I sprayed my paper with a fixative before I glued my images with a matte medium:

Step 4 - glue shapes

In order to get my images to dry flat to my paper, I had to cover my paper with wax paper and then stack heavy books on top.  I finished my abstract by adding patterns with color pencils.

Step 5 - add details with color pencils

I hope to create an abstract painting with acrylics next week!

Kick back and enjoy a cool glass of lemonade in the shade!  🙂

Happy Creating!

17 responses to “Made In The Shade – Part 2

  1. Such beautiful creativity from green hostas! Love how your mind works !!

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  2. great idea and my hostas are just beginning !

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  3. Gosh Jill, another wow piece of work!! Man, this is beautiful! I’m so glad as always that you describe how you got there. Love the depth of color and detail. Great choice of color too! 💜💛💜

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  4. How nice of you to share your process – and this reminds me of stained glass. Happy Memorial Day weekend…

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  5. You make abstract look effortless..I always struggle with it. Thanks for sharing

    Billie Moan Rambling Rose Studio

    Sent from my iPad


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    • Oh, thank you Billie! I am currently taking a class on Abstract painting. One of our assignments is to play with shape and form. So I decided to use my hostas as inspiration. 😊


  6. This turned out fabulous!

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  7. Wonderful post showing your process! I love the colors, patterns….just wonderful….I can see a quilt in this too….Happy Memorial Day Weekend

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