Random Shapes

I started playing with scrap paper in random shapes recently to learn about shape and form as part of my abstract class.  I made the one below by gluing various scraps of paper to a piece of hard-press 140 lb watercolor paper with a glue stick:

abstract - playing with shapes 1

I then outlined my shapes with oil pastel and rubbed it with a paper towel to smear it.  The outlining gives my shapes form.  It looks like the purple ring is a magnet and the other objects are drawn to it.

I found that limiting my time to about 15 minutes, helped me not to fuss over it.

The next one I outlined with pencil after I glued the shapes:

abstract with paper scraps - 2

I then smeared the pencil with a blending stump to add definition to my shapes.  It reminded me a little of blending Zentangles with a pencil to give them a 3-D appearance.

I found this exercise to be very relaxing.  And the results don’t look too bad. What do you think?

Happy Creating!  🙂

7 responses to “Random Shapes

  1. I like them both, Jill! It does look like fun. I prefer the second, but not sure why. I think the outlines not being as strong gives me more of the color? Not sure, but they both look cool! Which do you prefer?

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  2. I love this Jill!! Got to try this soon 🙂 I hesitate whenever abstract comes in to the picture. Silly, you should think it is the other way around 😀

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  3. Love them! Always inspiring Jill!! And thank you so much for the beautiful heARTfelt card. So so so sweet of you. It is beautiful and means so much. Hugs

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