Sink Or Swim

I started journaling with beads several years ago.  I sew a mini pillow that I use as my canvas:

Fish on pillow

This one is titled, “Sink or Swim.”  It is 4.5 x 4.5 inches in size.

I find beading – especially Free Form Peyote Stitch – to be very meditative for me.

I like to bead with needle and thread and use beads of various sizes and colors.  In a sense, the beads are my paint and my needle and thread are my brush.

Fish upclose

The stone for my fish face is called, Paint Brush Jasper.  I usually start my stitching separately and then sew it to my pillow.  I then add more beads until it takes the shape I want.  The other 3 stones I used (bluish-brown) are Multi-color Kyanite.

I often don’t know what I am going to make when I start one of my art pillows.  Sometimes the colors on the fabric will help me choose my bead colors.

I chose a pillow because it is easy to sew and symbolizes comfort to me.  Here is some details of the top:

fish pillow details at top

I strung beads on a wire and then wrapped the wire around a ribbon and then sewed it to the top edge.  I tried to make it look like water.

I was working through some problems at the office when I created this one.  I was feeling a little like a fish out of water…

I started another mini art pillow about a year ago:

abstract pillow pal with feather

This one is more abstract and is influenced by nature.  I thought by showing it to you, I would be motivated to complete it!  🙂

I used a Resin donut as my base.  I then strung beads on a wire and wrapped the wire around the donut shape.  I am adding beads to the wire ones with peyote stitch.  I also want to include a feather.

I’m hoping that I can some day write a book on my mini art pillows.  And would love to know what you think about them!

Happy Creating!

13 responses to “Sink Or Swim

  1. Gasp! Wow! Seriously Jill. Your house must be like an art museum. That fish pillow had my jaw drop open! You have so many talents! This would be a very cool book! (Ps. All the little details even on the envelope of the card you sent did not escape me! The dog bone stickers , the bird on the front I noticed and loved it all. 💛)

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  2. I think these pillows would make a great book! I’ve never seen anything like it. Your creativity knows no bounds, lady! Your mind must never stop! Amazing stuff!

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  3. Amazing Jill. I especially am drawn to the fish…love blues and greens together.

    Billie Moan Rambling Rose Studio

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  4. So original and clever ~ very artistic. Gorgeous, Jill ~

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  5. Those are beautiful! I would buy that book, so please write it! 🙂

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