Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Rabbit

I created this mixed media collage last year when I took Lynn Whipple’s online class called, “The Joy of Collage.”

Mr Rabbit collage

I had so much FUN!  If you’d like to try collage, I’d suggest her class.  She is repeating it, starting June 9.  Here is the link.

I wrote this little poem to go with the bunny photos I took this weekend at the lake.

Bunny pic 1

Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Rabbit                                                                                                   How are you today?                                                                                                       Your ears are kind of floppy,                                                                                         Your fur a little gray.

Bunny pic 2

Your tail is extra fluffy                                                                                                 When you hop about and play.                                                                                    Your nose a little funny,                                                                                                      It twitching constantly.

Bunny pic 4

Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Rabbit                                                                                                  Time to hurry on your way –                                                                                             It’s been nice to chat with you,                                                                                        But I know you cannot stay.

Bunny pic 3 - leaving

Hoppy Creating!

9 responses to “Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Rabbit

  1. That’s a big rabbit! Cute poem and collage.

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  2. Awww so cute! I’ve never seen one with white feet, he must be a western rabbit! Hehe! Love the collage too. He let you get pretty close, as you said! I’ll try and get some photos of mine. If Hub isn’t around, they’re easy for me to miss. Mine are smaller and all brown. I’d love to be able to paint one! Nice work, Jill. 💜💛💜

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  3. Beautiful 😀 I love all these pictures 🙂

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