Spitting Seeds And Splitting Hairs

My mom would always buy a watermelon on Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.  Whenever I see a the red flesh of this fruit, I think of my mom trying to “sell” it to her family.

Watermelon 1

After a really big meal of BBQ ribs, corn-on-the-cob and coleslaw, mom would bring out a plate loaded with half slices of red, ripe and  juicy melons.   Back then, the stores didn’t have the seedless variety so we would have to spit out the black seeds.  Mom would never take “no” for an answer so I ate a lot of it.

In memory of mom, I purchased a watermelon last weekend – the seedless variety and one of those mini ones.  Just the right size in my view.  I found its refreshing flesh to be enjoyable.  So I bought another one today.  Who knows, I may become a fan!  Watermelon anyone?!

Watermelon 2

When I was creating my watermelon with Gelli-prints, I learned a valuable lesson.  Glue sticks and watercolor pencils don’t mix.  The one on the right shows what happens when you try to blend water with the pencils.  The glue on the paper left over from the glue stick, makes a mess of it!

So I “sliced” off the side I liked – no use splitting hairs over it.

Mark Twain says, “When one has tasted watermelon, he knows what angels eat.”   

I wonder what he would think of the seedless variety.

Happy Creating!  🙂

12 responses to “Spitting Seeds And Splitting Hairs

  1. You just reminded me I bought a watermelon for Memorial Day that I put in the extra fridge and forgot about! Yikes. Hope it is still good. Adorable artwork !

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  2. I love those small seedless ones. We even grew them one year. Love your picture! Have a great weekend, Jill. 💛

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  3. oooohhh I looooooove watermelon…….maybe I am an angel….maybe not

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