My Head In The Clouds – Part 1

When I was a child, I liked to lie on the soft green grass and look at the clouds in the sky.  It was fun to find images in the clouds with my friends.

watercolor - clouds

This watercolor painting reminded me of those carefree childhood days.  It looks a little like the sun is breaking through the clouds, don’t you think?

I started to outline the color shapes with my black micron pen (size o2) and look what appeared:

watercolor cloud - a dragon

A dragon!  Do you see the eye in the top left corner, inside the orange shape?  It looks like its mouth is open and smoke is coming out of it.

When I turned my paper:

watercolor clouds - a map or anteater

I saw a strange looking Anteater with a bent nose.  Do you see its pink head in the upper right corner?  Its tongue is reaching out for an ant.  I looked up Anteaters online – boy, are they a strange looking creature (kind of like this one!)

I suppose it could be a map too!  What do you see?  I’d love to hear from you!

Wishing you a day of sunshine and fluffy clouds!   🙂

15 responses to “My Head In The Clouds – Part 1

  1. Yes a map or a mosaic. I used to do that too, as a child.

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  2. I see cats on windowsills and a heart. And a map! Have a great weekend, Jill! 💜

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  3. Oh what fun you create in your art. I think I may lay in the grass today !

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  4. Glenmar Fullmer

    I see a weird looking Neanderthal guy with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth!


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  5. In the middle photo at the bottom I see a bent little old man walking down a hill with an amazing sky above him. Maybe the whole universe above him. But he’s looking down and oblivious. Do I need therapy? lol

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  6. I see lots of European countries, mainly Scandinavia. 🙂 I’m a nerd.

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  7. Great colors and what a neat idea! I think I’ll try it to and see what I come up with.😁

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