My Head In The Clouds – Part 2

Remember this watercolor painting from yesterday?

watercolor clouds - a map or anteater

Well, I kept adding more layers of watercolor to it and outlining the colorful shapes with my black micron pen (02 size).

And this is what I got:

doodle like tree bark

It no longer looks like clouds but tree bark!

Cedar Tree bark

Could it be a Cedar Tree?

white pine tree bark

Or perhaps a White Pine?

I don’t know but it was very fun to do!

close-up of doodle like tree bark

Happy Creating!

11 responses to “My Head In The Clouds – Part 2

  1. Seems very fun, I wish I was as much talented as you are, Jill 🙂

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  2. Wow. The magic you create!

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  3. I love it Jill! Magical, true! Very beautiful. If I could create doodle art the way you do, I’d do nothing else. 💜

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  4. Oh, thanks Laura! 😊 I guess I should do more of them! 🎨


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