Mini Doodle Books

I learned how to make these mini doodle books in a class taught by Diane Culhane.  They are really easy to make!  I photographed two “pages” of my book at a time for you:

Doodle book 3

You cut 140 lb hot-press watercolor paper into strips.  Mine are 3 x 7.5 inches.  Fold your paper in half so you know where your “page” is –

Doodle book - 2

Next, you paint with watercolors on both sides of the paper in any color combo you like!  After the paint dries, you are ready to doodle with a black pen!

Some of my pages are still a work in progress!

Doodle book - 4

I like to use black pens but you could use any color.  My favorite pens are Sharpie Fine Point, Micron and Zig Writer.

I didn’t like the results of my red and green one (above) so I covered it with a layer of gesso and painted over it with watercolor.  It is now ready for me to doodle again.

I like to keep my pages loose so I can work on them but you could bind them in the middle with cord if you like.

Doodle book - 1

They are the perfect size to stick in your purse or coat pocket and take with you!  You can doodle while waiting to get your car repaired.  🙂

I like how I can make a simple design or a more complex one depending on my mood.

Hope you enjoy making a mini doodle book for you!

Happy Creating!

10 responses to “Mini Doodle Books

  1. Love these Jill! Mine wouldn’t be nearly as cool looking but yours are great!

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  2. Hugely artistic you are!

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  3. Glenmar Fullmer

    Great idea!


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  4. Looks like fun! You have inspired me to try it. 😄

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