Wild Roses

I did a little “plein-air” painting at the lake.  I found that painting outdoors helped me be a little looser with my style:

wild rose bush in watercolors - loose

This is a wild rose bush that I painted – looking at this view:

wild rose bush for plein air painting

I was a bit limited with my  paint colors so I added a little contrast with color pencils at the end.

I think painting outdoors allowed me more freedom to experiment with watercolors.

I painted this postcard (last week) from a photo I posted previously:

wild rose watercolor from photo

I don’t think I was able to paint as freely when following this photo:

wild rose bush

I kept trying to add to it with color pencils and then a black micron pen and I think I lost some of the spontaneity.

I’m curious to hear which one you like best!  Thanks!  🙂

Happy Creating!

11 responses to “Wild Roses

  1. love the looseness in your plein-air watercolor! beautifully done. enjoy that freedom!

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    • Thanks Jodi! Yes, I like this one best too. I used hot-pressed watercolor paper and started with a wet layer. Very fun to drop paint in and watch it move! 😊


  2. I love your wild rose outdoor painting the best, Jill. I do think you captured the freedom in their frills better on the outdoor attempt. “Ooh, nice” was my first reaction when I saw your first painting! It’s interesting what being outdoors does. I notice it too. More freedom, more spontaneity, I think I feel more at one with what I’m painting when I’m outdoors where it grows vs cutting a rose and bringing it inside for example. I hope you had a nice weekend. 💜

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  3. The second one has so much life! Thank you!

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  4. I am a details person, so I think I like the second one better. But they are both beautiful!

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